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When justice needs correction
Or revenge upon a foe
A special breed of hunter
Can be summoned for a price
Just pay him what he ask for
The victim wont survive the night
You wont see the silent killer (nor will you see your fate)
You wont hear him as he cuts your throat
No time to fear the silent killer (for you will be too late)
Take your last breath as he bleed you dry
Never seen, never heard
Assassins way of life
A midnight rogue is on the loose,
Someones end is near
Stealth and speed are his allies
Nowhere to be found
Swiftly through the shadows
Always wreathed in black
Target of the silent killer (one more fatality)
Another neck is broken
Then gone without a trace
You'll never find the silent killer (your certain death comes quietly)
Gone as quickly as he came
He cannot be stopped
You're dead!
Never seen, never heard
Assassins way of life
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