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This Is How We Do

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This is how we do
We make a move and act a fool while we up in the club
this is how we do
Nobody do it like we do it so show us some love

[Verse I - Game]
Fresh like uhhh Impala, unnh
Crome hyrdolics, 808 drums
You don´t want, none
Nigga betta, run
When beef is on, I´ll pop that, drum
Come get, some
Pistol grip, pump
if a nigga steps on my white Air, Ones
Since red, rum
Ready here I, come
Compton, unh
Dre found me in the, slums
Sellin that skunk, one hand on my gun
I was sellin rocks when Master P was sayin "Unnnh"
Buck pass tha blunt
These G-Unit girls just wanna have, fun
Coke and rum
Got weed on the ton
I´m bangin with my hand up her dress like, unh
I´ll make her cum, purple haze in my lungs
Whole gang in the front in case a nigga pull a stunt

[Verse II - 50 Cent]
I put Lamborghini doors on that Es-co-lade
Low pro so look like I´m riding on blades
In one year mang, a nigga´s so paid
I have a straight bitch in the telly goin both ways (Ah!)
Touch me, tease me, kiss me, please me
I give it to ya just how you like it, girl
You know I´m rockin with the best tre pound on my hip
Teflon on my chest
They say I´m no good
Cuz I´m so hood
Rich folks do not want me around
Cuz shit might pop off, and if shit pop off
Somebody gon´ get laid the fuck out
They call me new money, say I have no class
I´m from the bottom, I came up too fast
The hell if I care, I´m just here to get my cash
Bougie ass bitches, you can kiss my ass


[Verse III - Game]
I put gold Daytonas on that Cherry Six-Four
White walls so clean it´s like I´m ridin on bulbs
Hit one switch mang, that ass so low
Cali got niggaz in New York ridin on hundred spokes
Touch me, tease me, kiss me, please me
I give it to ya just how you like it, girl
You know I´m rockin with the best fo´ pound on my hip
Gold chain on my chest (Ah!)

[Verse IV - Game and 50 Cent]
[50 Cent]
50, unh
Bentley, unh
Em came ´n gotta nigga fresh out the, slum
Automatic, gun
Fuck ´em one-on-one
We wrap up ya punk ass, stunt ´n ya done
Homie, it´s Game time
You ready? Here I come
Call Lloyd Banks and get this motherfucker, cunt
It took two, months
But 50 got it done
Signed with G-unit
Had niggaz like, "huh?"
Don´t try to front
I´ll leave yo´ ass, slumped
Thinkin I´m a punk
Get your fuckin head, lumped
Fifty got a, gun
[50 Cent]
Ready here he come
Gotta sick, vendetta
To get this, chedda
Meet my Ba, Retta
The dra-ma, setta
Sip Am-a, retta
My flow sounds, betta
Than average
On tracks I´m a savage
I damage
Any nigga tryin´ to front on my clique (G-Unit!)
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