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These Are Those Days

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There's a calendar hanging in the kitchen,
Today I'm taking it down I'm tired of living
Like tomorrow can't get here fast enough
Took a while but I'm finally learning
To make the most of each moment I'm given
Instead of waiting on better days to come
No more wishing my life away

These are those days,
This is my life,
The time is now to get things right
I won't look ahead,
I won't look back
I'm gonna live,
I'm gonna laugh
Well I won't let another second waste,
These are those days

It's been awhile since I've called up my mother
Just for the sake of saying I love her,
Ain't gonna wait around till it's too late
I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon
Its time I stopped talking and just start planning
No more excuses no more saying someday, someday
No more dreaming my life away

(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)

This is my life, the time is now to get things right
These are those days
I won't look back, I'm gonna live, I'm gonna laugh
Don't wanna waste my life away
These are those days
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