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Who Dominates Who

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We are dancing on the edge of time
Do you realize what's coming up
Switch on your terminal
Experimental error appears
Programmed constructed world
It's technical excess

High tech, name of the game used to play
High tech, name of the shame no way out just pray
Further development scientific immensity
No limit lost control
What's wrong or right

Who dominates who
Who dominates you

Robots spit an image of you and me
Robots of equal value to humanity
Mankind's reflected image heading to eternal life
Perfection guaranteed created to survive

Who dominates who
Who dominates you

Are you sure you're born by love
Can you be sure your blood is red
Who do you think is your lord and master
If not you stop the wheels of disaster

I'm your brother your Siamese twin
Taking possession of your heart and soul

I'm sure I'm born by love
No doubt about it my blood is red
I'm sure to be my own lord and master
I swear to destroy the wheels of disaster

Too late the fight is done throw up the game
Guilty who's to blame who's responsible
You don't realize you've digged your own grave
Creator of the servants you are the slave

Who dominates who
Who dominates you
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