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I remember your taste, you're the life I gave away.
Failure wrapped around my neck,
You're the ghost that held me back.
Now I am Letting go, drowning my self in the frozen waters
I feel the words escaping.
They break from my thoughts and disappear from my mouth
They leave behind a taste,
The taste of failure so familiar it reminds me of you
Don't say you'll save my life.
I never asked you for anything, but you wanted more
Drowning in your frozen waters I was sinking,
You were My Frailty.
Drowning in your frozen waters,
Don't say you'll save my life.
I'm vanishing, I'm giving up on myself.
Closing my eyes forever.
Throw my body, into the wind spinning and twisting
I bend into something else.
A catastrophe, a murderer of my hopes and dreams.
This is not my life.
When winter ends, my new life begins.
Bend and break, in pieces I was for you.
You were My Frailty don't say you'll save my fucking life
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