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He Is Risen

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[solo- P.S.]

Dark Prince Lucifer is risen
proclaiming the age of Satan
Chanting, divine Enchiridion
from the ancient days of Talmud
[Lucifer :]
"Can this be the fearsome Jehovah?
who whispers the great name of God
bought low before his flock
by the pounding of bone on flesh"
[solo- J.M.]
witness thornful coronation
his disciples cry in derision
as nails puncture soft flesh
the crowd jeers at the Nazerene
Necyomancy, the sign of the flame
sever the external cortex
of faith in false idols
[Lucifer :]
"I acquiesce with no idol of yours
this king of slaves and the weak"
quintessence of universal truth
like a sandstorm forming in gehenna
and the heat of the desert plains
gracile diabolus Goatlord
angelic, awesome sublime source
what was and is to be
sours the holyland
The cruel heat has cracked
the land, it's a full moon over you
The wings of Lucifer
caress black serge
Sarmassation - Osculation
The blood is warm and salt
I push my evil between your legs
Face of an angel twisted and lust
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