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No giveaway

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Should i be seen with you one more time
my life is really on the line
his sister said she caught me out
if this gets back i´m dead without a doubt

try to ignore me each time we meet
don´t ever stop me in the street
he thinks i´m at the laundermat
i can´t say here he wants his washing back

so when i say - that i don´t know your face
don´t feign surprise, don´t betray me with your eyes
and when i say - that you are out of place
don´t let them see, what you really are to me

before this trouble blows sky-high
i need to find myself an alibi

why do you have to get so uptight?
there´s no need to be so impolite
just give me back my negatives,
and i won´t tell your wife about last night
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