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The Day Of Justice

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Reigning through all destruction
We've found our place in torment
A longing a bond
Deciding factors awaken us all
I see a figure begging to be strong
Their sights are losing their hold upon fake structure
We fight hard and see the only means we have is soon
And we decide
The choice is clear....Not fear, just hold strong
We wont let down, sound the alarm... their end is
Changing back
Before the days of gluttons
A lie, too much to take for us to resign
This war for peace will be lost
Patience, attention is all we need to prevail in this
Of ignorance
I can't see why money tortures thee
Our faith in people has seen the end and
We're now stuck in irrelevance
Strain our blood
And form anew to see a day with justice
This life, we make....can't build off the forces that
This life, we make... Must tear down the kingdom that
Makes us hate.
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