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A Pure Evil

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With our eyes we follow the crazed we see and you won't be able to disguise
your true intentions
Chosen the one that we hope will change us and lead us but he's hasn't cut off
the strings, a puppet inside
He's make believe

For our patience
Thrown us all into mayhem
Fuckin' murdered the middle to make us beg for the little bit we need
Save the wealthy
Fucking the ones you need
Keep us just under the influence of defeat

You'll soon take your final step into this life
Watch how we struggle
Then you shall see

We have stated
It's been debated
We have struck the hour where the lies have been seen
The remission of payment
Our lives
Our lives are just a number placed upon a receipt

We will see your strain

You'll soon take your final breath

So we die and pile the checks for the ones who are no better than you or me
Make them see the tortuous hatred
In their fear is where we instrument the ending to their reign over our money
Fucking all of their minds senseless

For our patience

We will see your strain

I want to depict the grim place you've put us in while you work the meager to
their demise
The countdown is ending and we have no place left to hide

We'll keep with his
You can't escape us
You think you have beat us but you are the effete
Your eyes scream without a noise from your lips
As we dig into the first layer of your skin
Take your final....


Say goodnight to the bad guy

Your eyes scream without a noise
As we dig into the layers of your skin
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