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Vae Victis

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Hail to the Celtic tribes
Hail to my Ancestors
Hail to my Forefathers
Hail to the Germanic tribes

No one could conquer
No one could take our Land
When fighting us with same means
No one could see us


Hail my Celtic tribes
Hail to our (Germanic) ancestors
Way too many tribes
Tried to conquer us

Outnumbered Outnumbered
They did not despond - Molon lave

There was true glory
There was true pride
True pride

The darkness of the woods
Inspired our tribesmen
True cultural background

I'm not a child of this time
(Always) longing for those times
I'm not a child of this time

My ancestors, Hail to Thee!
My ancestors: FOREVER!!!
Their blood in my veins


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