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Michael Caine

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He's walking where i'm afraid i don't no
i see the firemen jumping from the windows
(there's panic and i hear somebody scream)
he picks up useless paper and puts it in my pocket
i'm trying very hard to keep my fingers clean
(i can't remember tell me what's his name?)
and all i wanted was a word - a photograph to keep at home
and all i wanted was a word - a photograph to keep
the sun is laughing it's another broking morning
i see a shadow and call out to try and warn him
(he didn't seem to hear just turn away)
the quit fellows follows
points his fingers straight at you
he had to sacrifice his pride - yes
throw it away
and all i wanted ...
his days are numbered he walks round and round in circles
there is no place he can ever call his own
(he semm's to jump at the sound of the phone)
staring out the window
there's nothing he can now do
all he wanted was to remain in sane
(he can't remember his own name)
and all i wanted ...
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