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My Wishes

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[Verse 1 - Andre Nickatina]
Picture a blind man that can't see
Meaning the beauty he's supposed to see
God it can't be
I thizz alone like a snake, the venom I spit make me shake
Look at the cakes I baked
Weed in my brain got me baptized
Unless you talkin' bout money, you ain't sayin' shit rap wise
I'm so addicted to red licorice and fine bitches
Khan lives forever man that's my wishes

[Verse 2 - Equipto]
My wishes, we owe intense wishes
Bruce Lee, Tupac, and Jimmy Hendrix
(?) still here to realize it, with no police around to ever read they rights
It's how I roll, you know my lifestyle is cold
Around the globe, they treat us like Al Capone
Wish I didn't need a blunt in my mouth to blow
But I'm so far gone that's how it go

[Verse 3 - Andre Nickatina]
Yeah, two wishes and three bitches in the Cadillac
They wanna hit the club and this is where the party's at
Front line and in ya face like some gold teeth
My homie said he's like a butcher cause he loves beef
...(?) and two doors on the cutty
I had to laugh at him, cause that's my buddy
We used to chase bitches so vicious it was delicious
I heard a lil' genie sayin "Take more wishes"

[Verse 4 - Equipto]
Wishin', why listen to a fool really give a fuck
Don't interrupt you stupid you know I already hit the blunt
We get ta cuttin' like a DJ do
The game's sheisty like a NFL replay booth
In your backpack party with all my throwbacks on
Suckas stare like they're impressed, sayin "Oh my god"
There go the whole back wall
...just keep 'em playin' to win
I'm in to win, I'm wishin but I couldn't pretend

[Verse 5 - Andre Nickatina]
Shit, I side swipe you in the light just like a fender bender
There go your brain with the game so you don't remember
I'm block tonic off the chronic and I spit ebonics
Colt 45 in my eyes, so it get hypnotic
The glock nine, some use it like a semari
Run for your lives, or picture being paralized
I hold my raps with a grip of a rubber handle
Then when I'm gone man you picture it on every channel
In grey flannel, Nicky ...(?)
When I was scarred by the game and the pain felt,
Excruciating, no duplicatin' this fury
Look at the lawyer with a grin for the hung jury
Four wishes, more wishes, man and more bitches
Man more weed, more G's, man and club bitches
The rap scriptures, we hold them like the bible
Imagine somebody shootin' at your idol
...(? sun like Clorox make it fade
Bust it 27 ways, we did it right away
Sneak weed up in heaven with the switches
Eatin' red licorice and lyin' with the bitches
I hate to do dishes, in love with my riches
Man it ain't suspicious why you sleepin' with the fishes
These are my wishes, I got five wishes
Prime time live, gettin' high off my wishes


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