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Home When Dead

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You try to see all - it's like having no home
The coins for the last call
You've thrown away to feel alone
And all your dreams are secrets now

You throw yourself in the waves but still they
Just make you feel more cold and don't wash you away

The sounds life makes
On the verge of pain
What cut does it take
To open my eyes again
Tomorrow feels like gone since long

Feelings flow - just as weak as I am
Leave me here, take the gun and stop them

Only trying to sleep
To fing me any dream
To change myself again
Always trying to feel
To know if we're for real
To know I try with all I can
Hope we're home when we're dead

Not one world I've seen I could have called mine
Trying to keep clean - I get dirty of crossing lines
So scream my name to see if I'm here
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