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Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye ( Jann Arden..

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Railroad station, midnight trains
Lonely airports in the rain
And somebody stands there
With tears in their eyes

It's the same old scene, time after time
That's the trouble with all mankind
Somebody's always saying goodbye

Taxi cabs leave in the night
Greyhound buses with red tail lights
Someone's leaving and someone's left behind

Well, I don't know how things got that way
But every place you look these days
Somebody's always saying goodbye

Take two people like me and you
We could have made it, we just quit too soon
Oh, the two of us, we could have had it all
If we'd only tried

But that's the way love is, it seems
Just when you've got a real good thing
Somebody's always saying goodbye
Somebody's always saying goodbye
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