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Closets of my mind destroyed, as i enter outward from a void
Corpses white have strapped me down, i rise above then fall
Tactual hallucination, cockroaches infest the wall

Psychic pain on ice, i hurt
Devoid strength my life, inert
Anger fills they're shocked me back
White corpses turn to black
I run on psychic gasoline, my fuel shall burn you all

Word salad, no ballad
Word salad, no ballad

Diabolic plot, a toy, my brain the corpses to destroy
Prick my arm, injection fed, it's poison, I'm no fool
Tetanus shot, be sure it's not, i wish i were at school
Closets of my mind destroyed, but i enter inward, black void
Hatred turned to apathy, led down this black abyss
Good night, farewell you pig from hell
This world i shall not miss

Word salad, no ballad
Word salad

Woken up from death, nausea
Catatonic stupor, anoxia
Remaining still i hold onto a sense of permanence
Negativistic fear of pain, algophobic life sentence
Moral, physical decay, hatred withered away
Scourge of god he makes me pay, i shall not live or die
Vegetative judgement passed, my only thought to cry
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