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I'm dreaming of the lights, coming from behind
The clouded's getting clearer, it's closer all the time
Darker, taller, bigger, all blackness under wing
Reaping holy profits from the fear of absolutely nothing
Bloodbath - no one here will miss
The stench of your abyss
Bloodbath - the blood is never yours
Whores, your followers
I hear the people coming, i hear them down the hall, hell
They're banging at my door, what do they got to sell
Everything moves slowly, i feel trapped and powerless
My body weighs a thousand pounds and i cannot confess
The door is crashing open, it's ripping from the wall
No matter what i do i seem to do nothing at all
The ligths are getting brighter and they won't go away
The voice is getting louder and there's no need to pray
I think the world is stumbling, i think i feel it shake
There's something in the room
But there's nothing left to break
The blackness getting bigger than the serpent's universe
Ruthless angels lie and steal and spread the catholic curse
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