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Abuse me, confuse me
I'm beggin for a kind of release
Adultery and the misery
They're not the kind of things you can police
Sinking to an all-time low
I'm drowning with a smack in the face
A torture with a slow decay
The devil's wearing leather and lace
Why did all the lovin turn to anger
How did everything just fade away
Get off of your ass
It's time to get some fuckin class
Well everybody fucks up
But enough's enough
Depression, the obsession
I'm trying not to get out of bed
Bullet proof, the invincible
Can someone tell me whether i'm dead
I'm like a zombie, like a vegetable
Just withering away in the ground
I took a deep screw from a thin wrench
Pain queen you look good in your crown
Charging, like a battering ram
Nobody's ever gettin in my way
I'll do you like a beast from hell
And then we'll see what you say
Well you can rip me, you can tear me
So go ahead and say what you must
Cause you're a liar, you're a bad child
Farewell and you can live in my dust
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