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Invite It

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Welcome to my panic and I'm sure you know the fool
Where everything comes crashing down and madness is the rule
Your mind is set to overload with doomsday information
I see you've come here just in time to join the celebration

Don't fight it, invite it
Voices in my head
Just try it, entice it
Telling me I'm dead
Don't fight it, invite it
Playing with my brain
Just try it, entice it
Driving me insane

Starting with that warm rush
Slicing down the spine
They tell me that it's not for real
It happens all the time
But something different's happening
And I think this is the one
I gotta get me outta here
I gotta turn and run

Facing the shock and the terror alone
A time bomb just waiting to blow
You cannot escape and there's nowhere to hide
You're fleeing with no place to go

Feeling like nothing an save me, a feeling I know all too well
Imprisonned by paranoid madness, condemned to a life spent in hell

Everything is spinning round, this torture of the soul
My heart is racing, can't stop shaking, I got to get control
Terrified, don't wanna die, hysteria sets in
But when you learn just to invite it, panic never wins
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