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Mission to Mars

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I am just a cancer, a human refugee
Infecting and injecting inside this colony
I'm spreading like a virus on this little ball of mud
So now it's time to spread my wings and go and find my God

We've fucked up all the countries with our worthless little wars
We've fucked up all the people made them dirty little whores
We've fucked up all religions 'cause it's out there in the stars
We've fucked up all this planet so let's go and fuck up Mars

We're packing up our bags, we're all set to go
We're pouring out of council houses moaning as we go
It ain't a holiday we want for the human race
So get your giros checked 'cause we're heading out to space

So get the engines running we've no time to waste
Three million fucking arseholes are standing at the gates
United in one mission with all the human race
Turn Mars into a shit hole and send it spinning out in space
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