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Girl: There's old Indian Legends, that say lightning is when raven is angry.
And that's his feet tearing across the sky.
And that thunder, is when he's screaming.
Either because he's angry or because he's sad.
I think he's mad.
I think, I think Raven's mad tonight.

I'm so angry and ima let the world know it, if seeing is believing then it's time for me to show it. (Watch this)
I put the lightning and ignite when i fly by, and make the earth shake when i scream into the sky.
Some look at me like i'm bringing bad intention, cause they see me plucking on the souls of all the unforgiven.
I got the visibility to see inside, all the deepest fears that people try to hide.
I'm watching over waiting for my next attention looking out for bodies ready to surrender, the next contender.
So when you see me come, ya better run for cover.
Cause it's time to make these motherfuckers suffer!

Chorus: The dark sky looks evil(x3)
I think raven is mad tonight. (x2)

Dark visions that ignite with no paper or color, heart stopping jaw dropping cause i do it so profer.
I'm from another dimension looking for someone to witness, to scream to a higher god just to relieve some tension.
I got a lot of self-hate that i must rotate, before i rip through the sky i start to aggrevate.
Turning all of my power into electrical shower and burn the visions of a hot flame about to devour.
I'm taking back my reputation as the owner in the sky, so when you see me flying by just look deep into my eyes.
Bringing drama to the world cause it gets what it deserves.
And if it wasn't for the raven then the earth would never turn!

Chorus: The dark sky looks evil (x3)
I think raven is mad tonight. (x2)

Let's not be in this open season cause i'm so mad.
While i continue fighting evil in you, built up from your past.
Hear my thunder feel my pain rumble under this earth.
White-blue lightning keeps darkness shining, so i can see you when i lure.

Chorus: The dark sky looks evil.
I think raven is mad tonight.
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