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Stay low that's what you ought to
But no you wanna show yourself off
Get high when people lookin' at you
Too blind to see they laugh at you
Your greed for fame is written on you
You bleed when no one comes to you
Can't say how much they really mark you
But they you want it really bad

Stay as you are
We all need a Jester
You will get far
You're just a spineless creep
What is it that you seek
For sure you'll never get it

Regardless of your words no one will ever see
'cause you're the everlasting fool
You're jokes are way too old
A 1000 times they're told
No one is laughin' when you want them too
But you don't get the picture
No you don't see at all
No one to catch you when you fall

It's clear that you don't understand it
It's here but you don't have a clue
They laugh you really think they like you
A star that's what you think you are
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