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No More Tears

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For those people who believe they can decide who lives
Who is wrong and who must die for his sins

For those people who pretend (Taking justice by)
To install their laws (Their own hands)
For those who never talk, never say nothing
And use their reasons to strike

They can't take their pain
(And use it to do) to decide which men
(Deserve to die) using all my fallen tears
I send this message
Screaming with the suffering of the dead

(No more tears) It's time to say
(No more pain) Time to begin again
(No more dead) There must be some other way
To live in peace some day

(Then your heart) will beat again
(And all men) full of true love will say
(Look at us) if you want to save the world
Renounce to hate and war

They have changed the world we know
Now it's going to crash
Becouse of hate, our world has now become a terrifying
place like hell

Earth will die forever
(Sky turns black) Seas of blood wherever
(You put your eyes) Life will nevee be the same
It's in your hands
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