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Time's Gate

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Feel the force
a new time's coming now
wars reign and
peace dies in this world
tormented minds try to destroy
the last of human races
all is burning in the flames of fire

Tell me why our children cry?
I want them to come back
they have gone forever

Why don't the stars sine in the black night?
why when the sunrise comes it's still dark?
where is lost hope?
Send a sign

Time's gate reveal your secret end we'll turn
to a better place where the people always smile

Mad minds try to destroy the human race
all is burning on the flames of hell
I feel the pain, the world is full of tears
Where is the end?

Where are our dreams?
dreams of love and peace
and who tried to steal our freedom?
I want to escape

Look up to the sky
you can see far away from here
so spread your wings and fly far
far from the sun and stars
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