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Be Me

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I think I know you
Sometimes I want to be you
No one knows why, but the grass always greener from the depths of the inside
And I want to laugh and I want to smile somewhere else for a while
Afraid of life but scared to die
I know it's strange so never mind
It's not real

Every fear and every passion, I tied it to you
So if you push me under water, I'll drown facing you
And I know just what you're thinking
I destroy reality
But it's hard when on my back is shattered angel wings

I think you know me but you want to be me
I don't know why when uncertainty and fear are the reigners of this mind
My strength has left me now
It's faded like the sun in wintertime
And things that glitter also die alone
Nothing lasts through time
It's not real

I close my eyes
I've fallen, you caught me
I'm drowning, canýt rise above
But this is my life
In the sky I want to fly
Confusion emerges
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