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Its Been Fun

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I saw something in your eyes
That drew me into you
In this light
There’s desire in this pounding club
But alcohol and dancing don’t mean love

Now I know you’re not the one
But it’s been lots of fun
A moment fleeting
And I know one day you’ll find
Someone down the line
But it can’t be me
Now please just turn away
You have to go away
You can’t rescue me
One day you’ll pass me by
We’ll look each other in the eyes
But I won’t feel a thing

The next day it’s back to life
There’s something shallow about club life
But next week I’ll be back again
To find a new fake connection

You don’t feel the way that I do
I don’t feel the way that you do
We don’t feel the way that they do
You don’t feel the way that I do

Don’t misread my mind
Think you’re a great find
But we’re moving on
To find the next one
I know you like my face
And the way I move
Could you heal my tears?
I don’t think you could
Love me the next day
When the magic fades and the hangover enhances mistakes
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