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Hearts For Bullets

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Spit it out, it tastes unfamiliar
Bite your tongue, before she shuts you up
What can you do now
when she wants you to fall down
She'll do the same again
No more girl next door
Actions with no remorse
Burned up and marked for death
She's watching you as you hold your breath
Blink and blink again
Petty hearts are no ones friend
True sin lies within her

She uses her heart for bullets
She can't love you, just wants a reaction,
but don't give in, deny satisfaction
There's no love in her
She just used her heart for a bullet

Want to forget but you just can't help it
Unfazed, grip's tight, she'll make you break
What are the side effects
when another heart it starts to defect
And there's no warranty


I think we've met the enemy
Conquest is on her mind today
She can't help it
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