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Go Away

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I'm so tired of playing these games
What you say is never the same
One day you're lovin' me
The next day you're gone
How should I handel this
You stole my heart with just one kiss
Now you're ignorin' me
And you're doing me wrong

Bridge: (John)
Everytime you shut me out it's harder to take
I gotta stop it now before my heart starts to break
You think what you're telling me oh so true
But somehow I still think I'm the man for you

Go Away, that's not what you said yesterday
Please leave, don't stay
Why are you telling me this words today

We tried to talk last night
But it ended up in a fight
You left me so confused
'Cause I thought we were cool
I thought I was the one for you
But there's something else you're going through
So tell me what you wanna do
Before we move on



Nana…..oh no
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