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Cold humming bird

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I am all alone / Curled up on the kitchen floor I lie / Snow is falling down / Perfect patterns in night sky / Pure white noise between my ears / A clean white thing / In the corner of my vision / Loaded with apple wine / And turkeys stuffed and cold / With a cool cough / I sought some velvet medicaton / To blow away the thoughts that secured me / At the station

Mercury vacation / On the brink of white damnation / I want a room with a view / A room with a deja vu

Go on and sing cold humming bird / Of the borders of my world / Sing low cold humming bird / Of the borders of my world

Covered with blood of swine / I am a demon from hell / The mummy´s curse / I am the Devil´s rain / And everything is just the same / Everything is just the same

If I should die before I wake / Pray my soul to take / Hum a song for my sake / Cold humming bird


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