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Without A Kiss

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All the songs have been sung
You’re too old and then you’re too young
Did you leave your mark on the world
One as deep as true love
Let’s sing Hosanna

All the stories are told
You’re too young and then you’re too old
Did you leave a mark on the world
One that lasts as long as true love
Take me with you now

To be strung as high as this
Making love without a kiss
And someone you saw again
Back to haunt you there and then
Please take on my love

Evolution is real
Secrets we have never revealed
Did you leave your mark, was it real
Or as deep as the love we both feel

To be strung as high as this
Making love without a kiss
Like a gift you didn’t keep
And it leaves a mark so deep

There’s a million things to miss
Like the chance to take that kiss
where you go, you’ll be someone
With one kiss your life is swung

What you gonna do when you walk away
Walk behind me, it’s alright, I’m Ok
Then what will you do if I walk away
Walk beside me, it’s alright, we’re Ok
Where you gonna do, don’t surrender
Hold me tight, don’t let go
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