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I'd Love To

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Lock up this feeling
or let it out tonight
You've built a wall so high
it's blocking out the light
I'm building fires
but you just watch 'em burn
The train is on the tracks
won't you let those big wheels turn

Honey I'd love to break through
And show you what you're missing
I'd love to make you
Just take this heart I'm giving
Now you know the way I feel
The rest is up to you
Tell me what to do 'cause honey I'd love to

Love's like a swinging bridge
it'll throw you once or twice
You gotta cross that river
to reach the other side
'Cause even muddy waters
run crystal clear in time
So go ahead and fall
into these arms of mine


It's so easy, darling believe me
Give me the green light now


Honey I'd love to
Honey I'd love to
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