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I Love Our Love

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These days seem so crazy
I'm always rushing off somewhere
It's hard for me to find the time
To show you that I care
I'm so afraid we're losing all
Of the simple things in life
Like a walk under the moonlight
Or the chance to hold you tight

'Cause I love our love
And I just can't get enough
Of the feeling that I get when we're
Just sitting holding hands
Ooh how I love our love

I wake up in the morning
And there's so little time
To feel you're in my lovin' arms
You're body next to mine
And though it hurts to leave you
Lying there alone
I swear I'll make it up to you
The minute I get home


If I could chase away
The loneliness I would
I'd be there and we could share
Forever if I could

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