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The Lights Of Home

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Late at night when all the kids are sound asleep
A man and his wife shared a glass of wine
They talk about the days before the children came
And how much their lives have changed
She says I know this is not the life you dreamed about
Before you chose to share your life with me
And if you could be anywhere on this earth tonight
Tell me now, where would that be

(And he says) show me the lights of home
And tell me what could ever shine as bright
Only the love that's in your eyes
Could make me feel the way I feel tonight
I'll take the times we've known
And the lights of home

Later as the night has made a turn toward dawn
They find themselves still lying in each others' arms
Emotions of the moment mixed with memories
What has been and what might be
And he says I know that you could have had your choice of men
Some who could have brought the world to you
And even though you can't go back and do it all again
If you could what would you do

(And she says) REPEAT CHORUS
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