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The Moon Struck One

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Songwriters: Robertson, Robbie;

Julie and little John Tyler lived in the house next door
We would be the great triangle and to this we swore
Julie was my sweetheart, little John was my cohort
And all the wild horses in the world couldn't keep us apart

Once we went for a swim in the noonday sun
And promised to return before the moon struck one

Julie came runnin' through the pasture, she was screamin' at the sky
She fell down to her knees and the tears did fly
Little John was stung by a snake over by the lake
And it looked like he's really, really hurt, he was lyin' in the dirt

Oh, we went it as fast as we could run
But we lost little John as the moon struck one

I was vacant, Julie was a bird with a broken wing
We were always afraid, what tomorrow might bring
We'll drive down to Durango, up and leave this place
And maybe forget the triangle with a change of pace

The car broke down when we had just begun
And we walked back to the house while the moon struck one
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