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Story by Young Jeezy

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Yea, you know what this is, nigga. You know who this is. That's right, Young, nigga. I'm like one of Detroit's own, you know. I fuck with the D so much, you know, it's a natural place of born hustlas. You know, real niggas, money gettas, against all odds, you know. I remember the first time I came to the D for a show, you know what I'm sayin'. Um, I hit the homies up, let 'em know I was in town. I was sitting at the Atheneum, and mufuckin' um, the show was over at the Zoo Bar, and nigga we walked - literally - 300 deep to the club, all black tees. Matter of fact, we walked back from that mufucka, you know what I'm sayin'. I went and did my show, repped out, you know what I'm sayin', walked back to the hotel, hung out...for a minute and niggas was like, "Yo, let's hit the Sting," and I'm like, "What the fuck is that?" "It's like a strip club in the hood. That shit stay open every night." I'm like, "Shit, that's right up my mufuckin' alley," you know. But you know most of all, you know about the D, I got mufuckin' niggas in the D that I really love and fuck with genuinely, nigga, as they fuck with me befo'. You know, it was really rap shit. You know when I was trappin' mixtapes, niggas in the D was fuckin' with me like I was from 7 Mile or some shit, you know what I'm sayin'. West Side, Southwest, for real. I was tellin' a nigga Sean, I'm like, I said, "Nigga, it ain't a lot of superstars in the D." I was like, "Nigga, they got you and Eminem, but other than that, nigga you know, they got street legends, nigga. You know, niggas who really done that shit. Got it in, ya feel me?" What up, doe!Explain
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