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Cum Over

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If you trying to come over
I can keep leave the door open
And naw I ain't with the bullshit
So let me know if you fucking, girl
See you been running around my mind for some time
And it's the way I feel, for real

[Verse 1]
I'm the one the bad broads report to
So every time we leave the club my whole car full
Buncha bitches in the back; carpool
They all wet, so now I'm riding in the car pool
But I could never take 'em where I live
Gotta be my baby if you laying in the crib
But they all get the hotel presidential
But to make it there swear you gotta have potential
Face like a model, waist like a pencil
Treat my dick like an eating utensil
She said, "I'm tryna do what you do"
I told her that I do me
She said, "Well, let me do you"
Plus you know I'm rapping and all
Now we finna cut
I'mma prolly need some alcohol after all
Me and my niggas all up-and-coming
So they gon' try to get us up and cumming
We all running


[Verse 2]
Yes sir, yes ma'am, had a thousand fall outs and one night stands
And dawg when it come to night stands I done had more night stands than the fucking Art Van
So partin' when she's in my apartment
I'm trying to skip from part two all the way to part ten
She's in my pockets like she tryna get checked or something
And I'm just trying to hit her back like I left some
Smoke some, drink some, lemme spank some
And I don't mean the time when I say threesome
And bet I her make her walk with a limp
Gold 'round my neck like a motherfuckin' champ
Rock Bathing Ape like a motherfuckin' chimp
And bet I cock tail like a motherfuckin' shrimp
So yeah I'mma leave the door open
All night pokin' till my dick broke in, bitch!

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