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Legalize Me

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Legalize me - No corruption
Legalize me - No laws
Legalize me - No remorse
Legalize me - I'm the king
Legalize me - And my vices
Legalize me - And Chaos
Legalize me - to survive
Legalize me - I am GOD

I?m the reflect of nobody
I?m an engraved icon
I?m stronger by raise me
A leader who speak for you

Why don't you listen to me ?!
Why don't you follow me !
Why don't you react

Follow me - fight !
Trust me - fight !
Help me and I will be grateful
Fight !

You?re the reflect of nobody
You?re an engraved icon
You?re stronger by raise me
Leaders in quest of truth ?

Now you have understood
United, we're stronger
Together we?re able to settle up with
This fuckin? system that can't even feed our dreams

You're the king !
I'm the king too!
Leaders in quest of truth ?
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