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Dearly Demented

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Give up your heartache
Build your weapon to destroy them all
We have been stabbed to death
Now our hearts replaced with this hole
Eye for an eye
Eye for an eye, life for a life
Together we are as one
The broken and the heartless
Destroy hypocrisy
to eliminate the weak
Behind every plastic smile
lies the blood of humanity
We are the prophets of the night
And we will rise at our given time
Eye for an eye, life for a life
Walk among the hopeless souls
We are coming for you
We are armed to the teeth
Ghost of invincibility
We''re coming for you
Dearly demented
The holes in our chest
mark the bravery of slaves
fighting for your life
Hunting for your life
We are whores the condemned
Cus someone else once held our heart
Your broken heart
my broken heart
Your broken hand
your broken heart
eye for an eye
We fight this fight for the hopless romantic
Life for a life
We take this on for the battered and broken
eye for an eye
We fight this fight for the hopeless romantic
life for a life
For those who felt they weren''t good enough
And I felt that way
And we all felt that way
Now we are rising up in numbers
And we will no longer be slaves
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