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Hungry Boys

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Sometimes it feels like ya' can't get enough
My buddys and me keep lookin' for the stuff
To make us feel the blood rushin' through our veins
Just to keep on livin', it's bound to be a strain

We're hungry boys [4x]
Hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry boys

Friday night we take off, headin' for the city
And dance with the lady from the white-snow country
Then she takes us home and we get a little love
That's something, can't get enough of

We're hungry boys [as above]

Now look at Louie, he's really got the need
(Valerie's?) got the needle but she always makes him plead
Louie was a-wonderin', if brought the stuff to town
But the cop's moved in and shut the operation down

That's why we're hungry boys [4x]
Hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry boys
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