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Raging Heart

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Pushed down ' to fit the mold
Raised to fit and fail
Living, learning life in the shadows of what could have been
Born dead ' Or so it's told, in your coffin you're laid
Caged up, struggling, and tearing to break free
Fighting hard as nails

Time's just ticking away
Dreams die hard so make your way
Nothing's flawless, nothing's easy, grab each chance to seize the day
No one's born to loose
Not with a will and a chance to choose
Focus clear, push it hard, live life for your truth

Breathe in ' this is your life
This is a brand new day
Chances come and go in a lifetime take what comes your way
Rage now ' resurrect yourself
Take it all, make your stand
Find the will inside, no one can be that in love with the end

Time ticks away
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