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Truth or Dare

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Should I stay, or should I go
That's all I really wanna know
Am I good, or am I bad
I'm your child, or I'm your man

What's so wrong with what I've got
Your stomach turns into a knot
Are you so sure, that I'm no cure
Don't you think, I'm what you deserve

Chorus I

Blow me up, I'm messed up
Keep me down, I'll stick around
Grab my hair, don't play fair
What's the use, it's truth or dare

Call your phone, you're not home
I don't think you're all alone
Growing old, feeling cold
Losing hair, life's not fair

Chorus II
Turn me on, turn me down
Keep it up, I'll stick around
Roll the dice, make it nice
What's the use, it's truth or dare
Pick a fight, that aint right
Take a stance, let's keep it light
Lick my hand, I'll rub your toes
You scratch my back, and my blood flows

Chorus III

Keep it real, don't conceal
I hold the key to make you feel
But what's the use if you're not there
To take a chance, it's truth or dare
It's truth or dare
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