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No specific schedule,
Unexpected visit
Taken out of your normal enviroment
Rendered passive you cannot resist

Taken aboard!
Error in the interpretation of perceptions
Stripped down and probed with no advanced knowledge
Suddenly helpless
Strapped down for the ride

Sperm is taken and eggs are harvested
Building an infestation of hybrids
Touching your body,
Gazing into your eyes
You lack control,
Your body's molested and repeatedly tested

The galaxy's prodigy
The galaxy's prodigy

The master race may arrive and intervine at anytime.

Close your blinds,
Your never alone at night

Penetrate your mind
Penetrate your mind
Sit down and relax,
As they penetrate your mind

Enter the mind of the damned!

These experiments become real lost and hopeless,
In a sleepy confusion
You are now retured to your normal enviroment
And within seconds forget what just happened

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