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Lair Of The Blind Ones

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Dusk ties its sector down to the root of echelon.
The dogs sit and wait.
This transparent form of vividness separates the mountains and dement.
Uprooted, the spies from hell are perceptible.
Their spine removed.
They horn for the poison originator.
The inclination of man begins.
The four figures of luminescence betrothalment lead to the corruption of my father’s son.
Demented and forgotten.
The tower of our sanity crumbles.
Through the fear and demolition,
The free will of minions is returned.
The blind ones; Counting heartbeats to compose a target and location.
The blind eyeless form of hate march their ways from the pits of venom to the surface.
Sightless and forgotten; The fellowship of hate.
Imperceptive to impetuous; Enslavement for the weaker breed.
Lair of the blind ones transfigure from hell like and inconceivable to a spoiler for revelation’s catastrophic scale.

Hope is fiction.
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