Texty písní Burning The Masses Volatile Existence EP Deprived Of Purity

Deprived Of Purity

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You waste your filthy breath
And all your time on thee
To cast aside what you once then believed

Screaming for a chance of revelation
Turned back from your own foundation

As they walk!! Still too see, creeping free
They come with all thats mine (burning flesh)

They help the diseases spread, (their faces full of shit)
Their brains gushing out (your dead!)

Sent in to set them fucking free, stealing your soul
Still I can't fucking see, where they fall

Fuck that shit your dead, you waste your filthy breath and all your time on thee
With this crucifix you'll weep, and scream, and die

Digging through their teeth, killing my own disease
Your soul is empty, tear off your own throat

Digging through their teeth, killing whats mostly dead
Crushing the false side , seeking toward certain life
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