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Blood And Confusion

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Words confuse and create
Equivocal thoughts
Thoughts silently transmit
Our inner essence
The eternal silence leads to oblivion.
I am contradiction, the boundary,
Inside and outside
I am difficulty, immoderation,
Mannerism, simplicity,
Rigor, baroque, minimalism
I'm like this music that twists around itself,
That gets torn and recomposes.
I'm the result of a test, the survivor of a living
Rottenly imbued of my life,
Counterpoint to the petrification of pain
Heap of rocks, skeleton of soul,
Voice suspended in a dream
Longing for entering the mystery of visible
For tasting the sweet horror vacui.
I listen to the silence
I feed myself with fear, rage,
Anguish and unspoken sensations
Surprised and spellbound by
The grotesque and eclectic revelation of things.
I perceive something tragic here
And my mind is blood and confusion.
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