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Further from the Truth

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I see the rain fall down the hall,
I can feel it, but no one’s listening anymore
And I can’t take it.

In the service of the few,
Laugh my way out,
And I’ve never felt so new,
How ‘bout you now?

But nothing’s further from the truth.
Feelings fading
drifting further from my youth.
Tired of waiting, I’m so jaded.
Can’t I be more like you?
I’d try to smile but it’s no use.

Woke up early kissing you,
Day is endless
The sky is radiating blue,
I thank my stars I’m breathing…

But nothing’s further from the truth
Feel this cave in.
Slipping further from my youth
Tired of waiting, I’m so dated
Wake me up when it’s through.
I’d try to lie but it’s no use.
It’s no use.

Vision, focus, clarity,
The inability to see what god knows…

Life buzzes around my head,
A woken from the living dead
Choices made for one and all,
With open eyes we take the fall.

Oh, wake from this dream.
Even when the words don’t rhyme
There’s meaning in these times we find
And I can’t wait to be awake again.
I can’t wait to see you again.
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