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Don't Go Ft. Jake Coco

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They say you don't know what you got till its gone, but baby I know we could prove them all wrong
Too much of a good thing can spoil what you've got, I thought that was right now I know that its not
These walls keep closing in on me
The tears fall as I watch you leave
Baby don't go...

I'll be the candle and you be the flame
We'll dance in the fire, love, and sing through the pain
Were strangely connected....like passion and fear
With a love like December and the truth like a mirror
My heart beats faster through my skin
Touch me tender, break me in
Baby don't go....

I know this love affair is not what we need
But I'd give up everything to just feel you breathe
I'm missing you, begging you, come back to me
Baby don't go...
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