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U And Me

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U and me and me U and me U and me
U and me U and me U and me forever

Baby I must say that
you've got me groovy
You keep it going
shake your body with me
Now it's time
let's start the party
Hear the music
setting me free

Come on
come on
Check out the dope out
This one is ta move or not
And if ya did come ta rock
S rock ya
Anyways can do it with or without ya
Kick your shoes do what you wanna do
And if ya ask who I say you
Now you know what's you up
U and me forever non stop

U and me ...

Baby I can see
you're driving me crazy
I wonna jump and jam with you
I can if I please
Play with your feelings
But is the music
setting me free
So don't try ta hide it's showin'
In the way you look make me know and
I'm on a high trip
Got ya in my grip
On a fast tip sip
Don't rip your dip
No pause - not know
Get up get down get up
You know how
Fast the beat is flowin'
U and me let's keep this jam goin'

U and me ...

Once again it's time ta get hip
A jam on it
And don't miss your tip
Cause when I drop lerics
I got the base
Boomin' on a high level in the place
So get down nine to vile party time
Lay back let the speakers
Control your mind
And I control the mike
To make it sound right
Is U and me forever non stop

U and me ...
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