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On Tomorrow

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We're all brothers of tomorrow
(we won't have to talk) we won't need to talk
We won't need to walk on tomorrow
Rush comes the love shapes to share shapes
Love love love on tomorrow
baby spring son yellow wings red skies showing on
Lively ivy growing on tomorrow
Wish your way around hair stingin' to the ground
Silver streams all our dreams
cleansed free of sorrow
Love love love love love love
Lush skies above shapes to share shapes
Peace escapes to play away today tomorrow
Mothers graze on grasslands
Grazin' woman stands on today's shiftin sands
grazin woman stands and baby springs on golden wings
flies free of sorrow (flies free of sorrow)
on tomorrow
woman grazin on grasslands.....on which it stands
we're all brothers on tomorrow yeah we're...
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