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Doctrinal Expletives

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in the final act
Words well scripted, each sentence choking
Inaudible gag, blanket which suffocates
As you eat another's words
Malnourished, you starve

[Lead - Amott]

Silence has a definition
Vocabulary of muted diction
Precise thought to miscomprehend
Ambiguity in high resolution
Articulate expletive fiction
Open to misinterpretation - so precise
(Silence has a definition
A vocabulary of muted diction
Articulate, expletive)

Condensed meaning, making no sense
Open mouth the lines
In stressed expression, understand the silence
The piercing calm, sour music to your ears
As you regurgitate another's words
In their shallowness you drown

[Lead - Amott]

A play on words, making no sense

[Lead - Steer]

Which makes no sense
Which makes nonsense
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