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Pedigree Butchery

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[Music: Steer]
[Lyrics: Walker]

"Oh my God! What are these? You can hear people puking... They're dog meat!"

[Lead: Gutted, hashed and deboned by W.G. Steer]
[Lead: Prepared on the slab by M. Amott]

In caustic butchery I parent my dominion
In the food chain I create the missing link
Cold temerity confects this splintered for age
Infantile corruption taken to the brink...

Making hash of the spumous crubescent
All natural compassion removed
The newly fully developed boiled as sprouted fodder
Martilinear murder - cordon bleu

As salubrious pet food
Human midden is consumed...

Not one to mince my words
But now I love to see those siblings churned
In tins they are reared

Ghastly I slake
Bestial appetites to sate
As flesh and steel I mate
To fill the lower species' plate...

Desparental, primparal goods oozing
The bawling, squabbling denied the suckling teat
Sentient bloodletting sprains the sporulate
Makes a choice chimerical treat...

Rheological, twisted nursery chymes
The fluxing of the defleshed
Paedophilosophical, carnage knowledge
As the illegitimeat to the domesticated is fed

So as you breed
They will bleed...

Contumely calorie count
Ebullient death toll mounts
- Higher and higher...

[Lead: Choicest, prime cuts by M. Amott]
[Lead: Firm, meaty chunks by W.G. Steer]

Despumation the midden, the desipient I segment
Pertaining vitality, their dispatch I cement
Served out for minion in their feeding trough...
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